United History [UPN]

A long time ago, we fought out like rogues. It began in a small kingdom. We called the fish bowl but, we stand strong. Our kingdom was called “Gythuim K90. We were being attacked by our enemies, Flesh Terrors (*FT). Our king, that ruled K90, sent out an army of players attacking us all in battle. Our bases were on fire and our hero was taken to their city and held in prison. We tried to make them our friends. but they were too good and powerful.

So, we gathered small groups of players. Waited months to grow an army that stood strong. After our kingdom was taken, we created a alliance, “ Bloody Vengeance “. to fight against our enemies in battle. After sending our army to fight Flesh Terrors. We lost the battle for there victories days in battle.

Bloody Vengeance failed became Divided parted from theirs family’s. We hide but we send in spies to watch over our enemy’s. We looked up into the sky’s across beyond our kingdom reach. We call him The Emperor.

The emperor’s Stayalive77 given our kingdom bad title because we were weak. The emperor was looking for strong men. To fight along he’s army, so We became a divided Nation. The “Divine Vengeance”that holds the Emperor realm.

We sent out spies to watch over our enemy’s. We plan our attack strong. We were able to gather much information to share proof that our enemy was betraying he’s allies. So we contacted there allies sending proof from Flesh Terrors betrayal.

That was how we started building a nation altogether. We were growing by number each day that passed. When we recruited 150,000 players. We became United across other kingdoms.

Everyone wanted to be prince, to stand for there alliance group. So we gathered every Nation around the all other kingdoms. To bring a great Victory.

That’s is how we became United Prince Nation 🙂

United Prince Nation was originated from Game of War Fire Age. [ Mobile App ]

The great battle of War

Edward Prince the Ruler of entire realm inside game of war fire age. It started out in k90, Edward prince would impersonate every player in the game. Nobody liked him because he would troll the entire kingdom from alliance to alliances. CMz was the biggest alliance in the k90 kingdom. When Edward Prince act out as female character. The men were convinced to trust he’s tricks after the great betrayal against CMz Hive.

Edward Prince had many names in battle. Nobody kept track of them. He’s main names were Salem Foxy or Eminem M16.

When Edward Prince Declared a March against CMz hive. He had “ Tormented Souls” DM= burn the entire hive from CMz Hive. All the players in that alliance left the alliance to rejoin bigger army. In that time since, the players and every kingdom had a kingdom merge against this war.

Edward PrinceHad so many accounts that alliances were being watched every battle turn.

Edward Prince left the kingdom k90 to recruit army player to gather he’s Nations. It took 4 years for him to return. So He Returned with army of 150,000 players that wiped out entire fleet of k90 players. Since he’s victory ever ran the emperor of game of war fire age promoted him as Prince the ruler of K90, The enemy to all kingdoms.

He was alliance destroyer who destroyed many alliances. The battle was so Intense, the players were so frustrated that they ended up selling their accounts.

That what started he’s alliances United Prince Nation. many alliances was on he’s side even the top players who fought longer battle respected him like a Prince.

The Prince of 53 realms who ruled entire kingdom!

The Queen: AwardedSnow she reclaimed he’s throne as the Queen United Prince Nation. Makes the decisions for as being a member of the alliance.

The Prince steps he’s leadership to the Queen of United Prince Nation greatest Ruler.

The darkest days of great Cold War

The Queen AwardedSnow stepped down before the Prince has requested to over throw he’s thrown.

The Prince felt betrayed by he’s lover, All he wanted was power and Respect. He himself almost forgot he’s only true Queen who wish to be by he’s side as Edward Prince.

The Queen finally realized that she had to do what was right even when it was hard for her to make this choice. She had to step her path away leading to the Prince, The man she truly loves inside her soul.

The Prince continues to go without the Queen during he’s own battles. Making more Allie friends. The Prince sent out mass message to everyone around other kingdoms.

When Flesh Terrors was still leading the kingdom. A player who was well experienced was named “Ender Dirgan” The new King of K90. Flesh Terrors was great allies with the players alliance that was called “ Meet Your Maker” during Flesh Terrors was defeated from battle. Ender Dirgan mislead The First High King who call himself “ Carnarvon” The King that was once ruled a kingdom. The Maker Clan wanted better rules and fairness to anyone who followed the alliance that supported only to the Maker clan.

The Queen of Flesh Terrors of K90, The delightful tastings. Eurydice Who she followed the steps of darkness behind every battle.

Eurydice ran her own clan called the Eternal Knights Men. (EMC)

It was another war against, “ Eurydice” The Queen of k90 who she sends “ Orpheus Black” The Dark knight that was obsessed of “EdwardPrince”

Orpheus Black didn’t call Edward Prince he’s true actual name in the battle. He Announced as “ Emerald” not by he’s taste or he’s interests.

When “ Emerald” was invited to Eurydice Alliance. Prince accepted the invitation because he was curiously eager to see where it will lead if he can rely Eurydice to trust Edward Prince.

Emerald observed everyone talking about they be allies with *FT ( Flesh Terrors) alliance. When Prince over heard Eurydice, Talking about “ Emerald” behind he’s back. Edward Prince was kicked from the alliance. Edward Second account was still inside Eurydice Alliance.

Edward Prince scouted Eurydice castle. When she suspected her castle was scouted. She recognize the connection between her senses. That she had a spy in her alliance.

Eurydice The queen of K90 announce the entire kingdom to not let Edward Prince in any of the alliance. Any alliance were to accept the Prince in any favors. Their castle would be burned to the ground.

Prince came out telling Eurydice the queen of k90. she got serious problems, Accusing me that I am spy when you have no proof.

Prince asked her, what’s wrong with sending my scouters to watch your castle ?

Eurydice said to Prince, You left your other account in my alliance. Prince said to Eurydice, I thought you be hungry enough to burn my farms. I guess it was too petty for you.

Eurydice: mentioned to Prince, He ever set another one of he’s men to scout her castle, It is war from the entire kingdom.

Prince: says to Eurydice your weak old woman who sits in a dusty thrown. Your very coin-less to pay your servants to clean your thrown. I suggest you buy friends before you try to declare army against me.

Eurydice Send her black knight in battle, Sending Orpheus black to capture Edward Prince Hero.

Edward Prince shields he’s army men from Orpheus Black. sends army from another kingdom to teleport against the Queen of k90. Burn her castle kills her hero.

Edward Prince with Emperor “Stayalive77”
|Edward Prince power|
Edward Prince
Edward Prince Hero
United Prince Nation second victory against our enemy!

Thank you for reading our history, We gather our nation in ESO PSN to show our fun and gratitude Lots of entertainment to enjoy!

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