United History Edited Version

A long time ago, we fought like rogues. It began in a small kingdom we called the fishbowl, but we stood strong. Our kingdom was called ‘Gythuim K90.’ We were being attacked by our enemies, Flesh Terrors (*FT). Our king, who ruled K90, sent out an army of players to attack us in battle. Our bases were on fire and our hero was taken to their city and held in prison. We tried to make them our friends, but they were too powerful. So, we gathered small groups of players and waited months to grow an army that stood strong. After our kingdom was taken, we created an alliance called ‘Bloody Vengeance’ to fight against our enemies in battle. After sending our army to fight Flesh Terrors, we lost the battle for their victorious days in battle. Bloody Vengeance failed and became divided, parting from their families. We hid, but we sent in spies to watch over our enemies. We looked up into the skies across beyond our kingdom’s reach. We called him the Emperor. The Emperor’s Stayalive77 gave our kingdom a bad title because we were weak. The Emperor was looking for strong men to fight along his army, so we became a divided nation. The ‘Divine Vengeance’ holds the Emperor’s realm. We sent out spies to watch over our enemies. We planned our attack strongly. We were able to gather much information to share proof that our enemy was betraying his allies. So we contacted their allies, sending proof of Flesh Terrors’ betrayal. That was how we started building a nation altogether. We were growing by numbers each day that passed. When we recruited 150,000 players, we became united across other kingdoms. Everyone wanted to be a prince, to stand for their alliance group. So we gathered every nation around all other kingdoms.

The Great Battle

That’s how we became United Prince Nation. United Prince Nation originated from the mobile app Game of War Fire Age. The great battle of war was led by Edward Prince, the ruler of the entire realm inside the game. It started in k90, where Edward Prince would impersonate every player in the game. Nobody liked him because he would troll the entire kingdom from alliance to alliance. CMz was the biggest alliance in the k90 kingdom. When Edward Prince acted out as a female character, the men were convinced to trust his tricks after the great betrayal against CMz Hive. Edward Prince had many names in battle. Nobody kept track of them. His main names were Salem Foxy or Eminem M16. When Edward Prince declared a march against CMz Hive, he had the “Tormented Souls” DM to burn the entire hive from CMz Hive. All the players in that alliance left the alliance to rejoin a bigger army. In that time, the players and every kingdom had a kingdom merge against this war. Edward Prince had so many accounts that alliances were being watched every battle turn. He left the kingdom k90 to recruit army players to gather his nations. It took four years for him to return. So he returned with an army of 150,000 players that wiped out the entire fleet of k90 players. Since his victory, the emperor of Game of War Fire Age promoted him as Prince, the ruler of K90, the enemy to all kingdoms. He was an alliance destroyer who destroyed many alliances. The battle was so intense, the players were so frustrated that they ended up selling their accounts. That’s what started his alliance, United Prince Nation. Many alliances were on his side and even the top players who fought longer battles respected him like a prince.

The darkest days of great Cold War

The Prince of 53 realms ruled an entire kingdom! The Queen, AwardedSnow, reclaimed his throne as the Queen of United Prince Nation, making decisions as a member of the alliance. The Prince stepped down from his leadership role to the Queen of United Prince Nation, who is a great ruler. These were the darkest days of the great Cold War. The Queen AwardedSnow stepped down before the Prince could request to overthrow his throne. The Prince felt betrayed by his lover. All he wanted was power and respect, and he almost forgot his only true Queen who wished to be by his side as Edward Prince. The Queen finally realized that she had to do what was right, even when it was hard for her to make this choice. She had to step away from leading the Prince, the man she truly loves inside her soul. The Prince continues to go without the Queen during his own battles, making more allies. He sent out a mass message to everyone around other kingdoms. When Flesh Terrors was still leading the kingdom, a player who was well-experienced was named “Ender Dirgan,” the new King of K90. Flesh Terrors was great allies with the player alliance that was called “Meet Your Maker.” During Flesh Terrors’ defeat from battle, Ender Dirgan misled the First High King who called himself “Carnarvon,” the King who once ruled a kingdom. The Maker Clan wanted better rules and fairness to anyone who followed the alliance that supported only the Maker clan. The Queen of Flesh Terrors of K90 was Eurydice, who followed the steps of darkness behind every battle. Eurydice ran her own clan called the Eternal Knights Men (EMC). It was another war against Eurydice, the Queen of K90.

Flesh Terrors Alliance was wiped out by the Meet Your Maker alliance, led by Ender Dirgan and the Cocks Leaders. Ender Dirgan was known for coming up with funny names for his guilds, such as Big Cocks, Medium Cocks, and Small Cocks. When Flesh Terrors was leaving K90, they were recruiting players. Carnarvon, an old king who had ruled 7 kingdoms before, recruited me into his alliance. I was Hawk McCain, and although he didn’t know who I was, I told him I was originally from K90 and was in a different kingdom, K302 Theano, as a farm account. He asked me to create a new account to join his army in a different kingdom. I brought my 10 best alliance to teleport where his new kingdom was, and we took over his throne, which was the Wonder that held the kingdom in place. I left his guild, thanked him for the tour, and told him that I would take my leave at this battle. My army would finish him off. Carnarvon was very upset and asked me who I was. I said I’m Edward Prince and that he had recruited me into his alliance. I told him that he had allowed the enemy to walk in and take away his new kingdom. Players in the guild started leaving. I said to Carnarvon, “You are a traitor to your own kind of people. It’s a shame this war couldn’t last longer. I thank you for all the help in giving me this nice kingdom.” Edward Prince took over the kingdom, won his victory, and sent more troops marching to the castle thrown with Stayalive77, the Emperor of the game.

Edward Price Tactics

Edward Prince has many war tactics for any battle and is a very good diplomatic player in any alliance in the entire kingdom. A long time ago, he originated from K90, called Kingdom of Gythuim, inside Game of War: Fire Age. This was in March 2013. K90 was a new kingdom back then, and I was Kingston Tea. Everyone knew me but never liked me. Edward Prince was a new player in that realm when the bad things came. I took vengeance against those who desired to fight in battle. He was given the name Edward Prince by Queen Eurydice, the German woman, which I liked. Everyone knew my original name, but I used my new name because he was like a prince to her and the kingdom. I was in the top three alliances in the realm. After the army Flesh Terrors took our kingdom, we fought against them with everything we had, but the battle was lost.

As Edward Prince, the ruler of 53 kingdoms and the alliances destroyer, I acted out as two different females running two different worlds apart, building an army to take over the entire kingdom. With Stayalive77, the emperor of Game of War: Fire Age, his knights knew that they couldn’t be stopped. Eminem M16 and Salem Foxy were the two women. I played my part manipulating men in control of the army in the entire kingdom. I used the beauty of a woman as a weapon, emotionally playing on men’s part to control the army, and got every alliance to betray against each other. They were once in love, which broke every man’s heart in battle. I broke the souls and hearts of every man’s desires, destroyed everything in my battle, and after the top three alliances were betrayed and the kingdom merged all in one to bring K90 altogether.

Edward Prince had access to every alliance in the entire kingdom, watching everyone plan their battles. After that, Prince spoke out the truth to the kingdom, left K90 for four years, and returned with an army.