The Unknown Recruitment

Flesh Terrors Alliance. The king from k90 who was wiped out from the alliance “ Meet Your Maker” Ender Dirgan The Cocks Leaders.

The funny part about Ender Dirgan alliance. He came up with names in the kingdom. Would recruit players in he’s 3 alliance. One was Big cocks, medium cocks, small Cocks in the guild. After when things got to a point where Flesh Terrors was leaving K90 they were recruiting players.

Carnarvon The old king who ruled 7 kingdoms before me. He recruited me in he’s alliance. I was Hawk McCain, He didn’t know who I was but I told him that, I was originated from k90. I was in a different kingdom in K302 Theano. farm account when we chat.

So he asked me to create a new account to join he’s army in different kingdom. When that happened. I brought my 10 best alliance to teleport where he’s new kingdom was, we took over he’s thrown which is Wonder that holds the kingdom in place.

I left he’s guild, I told him thank you for the tour. I will take my leave at this battle. My army will finish you off. Carnarvon was very upset, so asked me who I was, I said I’m Edward Prince.

He asked how I got into he’s guild. I said to him that you recruited me in your alliance. You allowed enemy to walk in take away your new kingdom. Players In guild started leaving. Dear Carnarvon your traitor to your own kind of people. It’s a shame this war couldn’t last longer. I thank you for all the help giving me this nice kingdom.

Edward prince took over the kingdom Won hes victory. Sending more troops marching to the Castle Thrown with Stayalive77 the Emperor of game of war fire age. It was the ages that start to begin a new history to the citizen in our kingdom to feast for a celebration. The enemy soldier was held in prison for execution. There was no mercy or a chance the Prince couldn’t take. He had to show dark side as kingdom protector guarded by strong knights in he’s army.

To be continued

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