The Prince War Tactics

Edward Prince has many war tactics against any battle. Very good Diplomatic player in any alliance in the entire kingdom.

Long long time ago, He was orginated from k90 called Kingdom of Gythuim inside game of war fire age. This was 2013 March of this year,

K90 was new kingdom back in March, I was Kingston Tea everyone knew me never liked me

He was new player in that realm, when the bad things came. I took vengeance against those who desire to fight in battle

He was given name as Edward Prince by the Queen Eurydice the German woman. which i liked, Everyone knew my original name but i used my new name because he was like prince to her and the kingdom. being in top of 3 alliances in the realm, After The amry Flesh Terrors taken our kingdom we fought against them with everything we got, but the battle was lost.

As Edward Prince the ruler of 53 kingdoms the alliances destroyer. I acted out as two different females running two different worlds apart building army to take over the entire kingdom. With Stayalive77 the emperor of game of war fire age, His knights knew that couldn’t be stopped.

Eminem M16 and Salem Foxy was the two women. Which he played he’s part manipulating men in control of the army in the entire kingdom. He used the beauty of a woman as a weapon emotionally play on men part to control army got every Allie’s to betrayed against each other. They were once in loved which broke every man heart in battle.

Breaking the souls of heart to every man desires, Destroyed everything in my batttle after 3 top alliance were betrayed and kingdom merge all in one to bring the k90 altogether. Edward Prince had access to every alliances to the entire kingdom watching everyone plan there battle’s.

After that Prince spoke out the turth to the kingdom left k90 for 4 years returned army of 1500 different alliance and brought in 150,000 players to burn the entire kingdom ran over every kingdom won so many victory’s in battles.

Since then nobody touch he’s account or hit again because he was great Prince in battle we became United Prince Nations guild.

The players had to ask permission to hit or it was war to all kingdoms without mercy. The prince continued to act in war. He sent the entire kingdom at war with many other alliances. Players started to fall back left the game.

Edward Prince History