Officers Rules

New Members: They have 14 days before they get promoted. You must ask Edward Prince and Moniku to approve. Both of them must approve before you promote a member of the guild.

Notes: We date our members on the day they joined.

Promotion: A guild member must attend to all of our guild meetings to get promoted in our guild.

As Officer inside the guild: It’s very important to act very professional not share your personal feelings with other members. You be asked file a form through our website. If you need to report a member. It will take 7 days to request a kick and be removed from the guild. You must have at least 3 witnesses and Screenshots to show us all the conversations in order. That is the only way you can kick member from our guild.

Gossiping Attempts: Sharing your other officers about a member in our guild talking bad will look bad for you and the Guildmaster. We don’t tolerate bad talk about our members. You will be demoted all the way to Silence Rank or kick it all depends on the weight of the subject. You have to fill out Report Players form. Then when your down you send your screenshots to Moniku PSN.

Failing to Report: It’s Very important as Officer to report a member. Your allowed to correct a member if you see arguments in chat or voice chat. Failing to report the issue after 24 hours not sharing any information with us for the past 7 days will be Termination.

Comments: Any Racists, Political, Gossip about our members or any Sexual Context, Yelling or using any Profanity or any hostile behavior will be instant Kick.

Discord: You are not allowed to share your personal information or share any personal name or pictures or use our discord as dating site will be your first Warning Occurrence. You have 3 of them before Final Termination. Note: Only have those conversations in personal PlayStation messages “ NOT OUR DISCORD CHAT” will not be allowed.

Band app- You are required to have both Discord and Band app. Discord is our Website lobby. Band app is where members can join. Anyone that is in and out of our guild can join. We only care about band app.

Work/ School- We 100% Respect school, Any member or Officers have work or school must let’s us know. If you need 8 months or more to focus on school before you return. We can put you down to Frozen Rank. When you return, You file a Frozen Form to return. Will place your rank back. ( Do not kick any members if they have Work or School)