New Members♞/Listing

Hello new member! ⚜︎

Welcome to our Guild! , We are here to help you become a good member of our guild.

To become a member of our guild. You can complete 6 Story Zone Quest line.

It’s optional to join if you did not complete a summerset Quest line.

The Queen’s Decree: Investigate the disappearances of newcomers to Summerset. ⚔︎

A Pearl of Great Price: Help the Psijic Order crack the puzzle of the Abyssal Pearl you found.

Buried Memories: Defend Artaeum from invasion!

The Tower Sentinels: Warn the College of Sapiarchs of the threat to the Crystal Tower.

The Dreaming Cave: Find a way to communicate with Meridia and rescue her Golden Knight from Mephala‘s clutches.

Lost in Translation: Locate the Heart of Transparent Law.

Guild Rules| No drama, No profanity in the guild. Everyone must respect others players inside the guild. Any toxic behavior or rule breaking after been warned 3 times would result instant kicked.

Must have at Least two thousand gold. Get your Tabards here click >Tabard

Guild Meeting are posted online through our blog site. If you need to view them. You can search Guild Meeting on our blog site.

Crafting Rules!

1. New members we can start you up training get you you leveled up CP fast.

2. You can only request Same Grand Crafter to help you out 2 times which is limited For Free. After reaching your second limit then you would be charged from that Grand Crafter.

3. You are allowed to get personal Grand Crafter on your own. It wouldn’t be necessary, Because if you were bring the crafter material it won’t charge you anything. You would also need to start your Crafting Skill Line run around every zone to actually find all the items you need for us to craft you free gear set.

United Prince Nation| Must be at least 18+ over to join. Dragon Belfry Guild!

All scheduled events will be posted online through our Blog post and Band app.

Social Media| If you are not interested in Social Media. That is fine. We don’t have a issues with Solo players.

Solo Player do not have to Participate in our guild meeting or Guild events as well. They stay in second rank in our guild member.

As agreement to all members in our guild, You gives us follow up if your not gonna be active for 1 Year 6 Months.

Band app Rules

1: Your not allowed share your personal information..

2- Must have a same exact name as your PSN Username. So others can recognize you.

3- No Sending personal picture through our band app. ( sending personal pictures will take away your band rights using on our guild. Then it will demote you to silent rank. Which means you won’t be chatting in our guild for 3 weeks.

4- Sending Nudity picture will forward to PSN an ESO administration and banned from our guild.

5. Only Dragons & United can join once there in our guild to join Band app

Take your smart phone scan to Join
Take your Smart phone Scan to Join!

6. Join our discord Dragon Belfry Lobby, Join Dragons Belfry Discord

NOTE: If you have school or work your membership will be frozen which means silence as a member up to 1 Year 6 Months, After that we send you 2 week notices before being kicked out from our guild. Once you reach up to that max. You can always apply back to our guild Click Here Rejoined.

You can fill out whats up form, To share us what your up too these days. United Prince Nations.What’s up Form 📝

You can also follow us on Twitter to view PicturesUnited Prince Nation Twitter

If you need help with finding things,use > GBS

Elder Scrolls Treasure Maps.

Click here for other Enchanting items.

PSN Only >>>Join United Prince Nations

Fill out Skill Form

Join Dragons Belfry Discord Crafting Team