Ups Changes

Cell Phone Rights

We should be allowed to use our phone for note taking to file grievances

We should be able to file grievance online through the union site have it printed out turn into any Union Steward ASAP!

It makes it very easy for us to type then to write on paper, Plus people have hard time reading other people hand writing.

Drivers Rights

  1. Ups Drivers will still have the same union due for 4 years terms. After there 4 year terms as a driver. Driver have the rights to choose to pay Union Due. $10 will be the lowest rate.

Unloaders Rights

Supervisor are not allowed to tell us to hurry up. that is instant grievance, if they keep harassing you to hurry up.

Supervisor are not allowed to stop the belt, as we are unloading packages, force to rush us all to get the job done, Before 8:45pm. That is safety issue.

They are not allowed to send workers home early. Until the job is complete done. That include all the departments when needed.

We should start earlier, When those trucks arrive into the facility. Have us come in unload those trucks.

Supervisor Union Due Rights

  1. Part time supervisor should also have union right for working harassment from full time supervisor. ( Pay Union Due weekly)
  2. Full time Supervisor should also be paying union due as well based on paycheck they get weekly. They get yelled at from the operators who run the building. The operator shouldn’t be yelling. They are getting away another form of harassment & Sexual Harassment.
  3. Explaining Why Supervisor needs rights ?

Top management has been yelling at full time supervisor which goes down on part time supervisor. Another form of harassment, where they don’t get the job done. Because the belt had a jam or packages are getting a damage. This why they need a union rights,

It not fair for us we have to get yelled at from supervisors and also get harass by them. Because The Part time & Full Time supervisor have nowhere to complain. That is why they yell at us, It’s not fair for us to Liston. This is job should require unloading trucks. It’s okay to have conversations. For working concern issues.

Broken Equipment Grievance

Part time supervisor has to write up broken equipment have the maintenance guys fix it. The maintenance employees are not properly fixing equipment. This has been safety issue for long time for like 15 years. I interviewed every employee in the facility asking questions.

Part time supervisor- If they don’t write up broken equipment. They should be getting Instant a grievances on each unload Devices in every department. That include South & North Primary.

Ups has to also replace equipment or fix it make sure the devices are functioning all times. To make it easy for us to unload packages faster. Every time the unload devices are broken. It takes 10 to 25 mins get it fixed we have to rush harder to get the job done.

We should have the right to get a copy of write ups from part & Full Supervisor. Have them unload files on


Part & Full time supervisor should communicate in very professional way in working warehouse.

If they want to talk to Employees, they should call a Union Steward, if it’s Safety Question or Write up, Or if they have Questions pertaining to work

Union steward should be allowed to record audio so they can listen later, when close to there end of their shift. They also take it home too with them for security reasons. It should be stored in there binder or box with the Notebook or electronic devices.

Starts Times Online

We should be able to look up start times through Through our employee portal login. The time that building Starts & Other Department.

Clocking in & Clocking out

Employee should be able to clock in using your smart phone logging through your ups portal login instead of walking to clocking station. Because the supervisor tells us to clock out. We get accused for not finding clocking station or not being able to clock out in time for stealing time. We also get write up for that. Sometimes there is one that is not working. So we should be able to use the website to clock in & Clock out.