Dragons Belfry Terms

You agree the Terms, As a member to our guild. We are here to have fun enjoy the game as we play.

Drama Behavior

  1. We don’t talk bad about other members inside the guild.
  2. We don’t share Getty images compare to others inside the guild as well.
  3. We don’t hide secret inside this guild either from anyone because that’s also drama too. if you don’t like someone inside the guild. You can report that to Moniku.
  4. Sharing information to someone that is not a officer or staff member inside guild is also considered drama. It will be instant kicked from the guild.
  5. Whatever information was shared 9 months after, any drama, Will be your first Warning.

Personal Information & Photos

  1. Your not allowed share your personal information inside guild use.
  2. Sending pictures to members, anything involved Nudity or Sexual contexts will be banned from our guild. Unless you requested one your not allowed to complain.
  3. Related racist images will be banned & Reported to Elder Scrolls Online & PlayStation Management.
  4. Related images sent with anyone or Group who has any Medical or Disability use, will also be banned from our guild. Unless that player shared the information pertaining medical use & Disability won’t count as being reported unless concerned.
  5. Continue Making fun of someone Medical or Disability will be warned 3 times after that it’s instant Banned from our guild.

Social Media

  1. Your not allowed to send pictures of Facebook profile or Links
  2. Twitter is also not allowed, unless it’s game related context ESO
  3. You can share TikTok videos, that is only appropriate for anyone to see.
  4. Band app is also perfect for our guild use
  5. Discord is fine, as long the rules apply above listed.

Appearances & Video Chat

  • Your not allowed to compare yourself to others body part or sizes
  • You must be wearing clothes to send pictures inside the guild.
  • Women & Men must have T-Shirt on sweater or Jacket as long legs are covered up without no holes.
  • If your video live, not wearing shirt or any top will result banned & Pictures from our guild.
  • Men if your a by a beach or swimming pool, Your shirtless that is fine while live video streaming is also appropriate.
  • Woman, Fully clothes nothing inappropriate.

Disability Respect

  1. If anyone calls out there disabilities even as staff or officers or members. It’s important to respect that player inside the guild. If that is not respected then you will given Warning before being removed from our guild.
  2. Even tho you do have a disability by right you also have 6 Warning instead of 3 inside the guild. If you abused those 3 rules inside the guild. You will be Sentence Silence rank 3 weeks before chat is active.
  3. After being silenced you continue to break 3 rules inside our guild will result banned from our guild.


  1. There is no favoritism allowed inside the guild.
  2. As member you treat every member equal when you chat or Verbal talk to member in our guild.
  3. Your not allowed to ignore another member of the guild unless you have issue. Please go to our website fill the report form.
  4. If you have internet connection issues or Game froze. It’s fine nothing holds against you.
  5. If your gonna be “ Busy” Please activate that status. Keep in mind, Your only allowed to activate that 7 days a week of the time. When it reaches up to 28 days. You will be kicked from the guild.
  6. If your playing offline mode, That is fine but if you continue to play offline for 28 days as well. You’ll be demoted to rank FROZEN up to 1 year 6 Months after that two week noticed before being kicked.

Withdraw Request Form

  1. Requesting withdraw items daily will result Demoted or kick depending what rank your inside the guild.
  2. You can only request to withdraw the guild once a day. Must wait 13 days before you can request another 5 item withdraw.
  3. Demanding item to be withdraw will be result instant kick & Banned

School & Work or Covid-19

  1. If you are college student, You can request the frozen rank up to 9 Months.
  2. Must fill out the what’s up form let’s us know how you doing every 9 months
  3. Failing to keep communication will be kick from the guild. As long you follow up every 9 months.
  4. You can always rejoin back our guild.
  5. Even tho you have rights to stay 1 year 6 months. You still have to follow up by every 9 months. If you don’t reach us out by then you get kicked from the guild.
  6. Every 9 months follow up will reset your stay 9 more months of being a member of our guild. You have 549 days till your officially kicked out.
  7. Until it reached to 1 year, 6 months max then I’m sorry we have to kicked, You still can rejoin back to Elder scrolls online.
  8. Within those months under our frozen rank. If you have Covid-19 Tested positive. You get extra 6 months to further noticed & Activate your membership in our guild.

Subjective Drugs & Violence

  1. Sharing drugs use information will be Kicked from the Guild.
  2. Sending Blood images & Weapon use will be banned. ( Discord & Band app & PSN & Other apps outside from Elder Scrolls Online is Permanently Banned.
  3. Talking about drugs inside the guild or sharing that information to Crown Rank will be kicked & Banned from the guild Permanently.
  4. That include sharing that to the members below the crown rank.
  5. Talking about your criminal record will be banned from our guild Permanently.

Members & Ranks

  • Your first joining us as a member, you must be member to Belfry clan up to 30 days before you get promoted
  • Hatch Rank, You must also get to know all the members inside your guild. Start a friendly conversation.
  • Always ask us for help or anyone the guild that may help.
  • If your a solo player, You can stay rank Hatch after being a member for 2 months inside our guild.
  • Knight Rank, Depositing Gold materials inside the guild. Helping players out inside the guild, Sharing side quest inside the game. Spreading the word on eso about us, Having members apply to our guild.
  • If your looking for something else to do, As member you can start your own event inside the guild. Go to our website fill the form out. Will post the event inside the guild have your PlayStation username so others know your running the event.
  • Instructor – Recruit Members can also invite members accept applications & Training members inside the guild. There part of Officer. Which can read Officer chat but can’t respond to chat. They have 6 months to serve before becoming officer. They have to recruit members fill the form out for 30 days training & Extended time for the player they train inside our guild.
  • Dragon Rank. Helping out instructor rank below. Accepting Members Application. Supervising Instructor making sure they are Training Members, Communicating between Instructor & Belfry Rank above.
  • Dragon Rank are also supposed to make sure instructor have a traffic player to do Vet Dungeons or Dungeons.
  • Scheduling Events, Dragon Rank will always report to Belfry Rank.
  • Belfry Rank- Finances the guild, Calculating Value items worth through all the guild Trader outside the guild. Typing the cheapest items to expensive items. Donating stuff, contributing Members deposit to the guild bank. Reporting to any additional issues to Guard Rank.
  • Guard Rank is Responsible for Belfry Rank & Dragon Rank & Instructor. He or she has to ask questions what is going on in the guild. Making sure the Instructor is recruiting members & Training players, communicating to also the Dragon Rank making sure the Dragon Rank is doing there duty’s. The Guard has to collect to feedback from All members inside the guild. making sure the members are satisfied in the guild. The Guard tells Dragon Rank to collect information from other sources from the guild. He or she has to report to the Guard, The Guard takes the information shares it to the King & Queen.
  • The King & Queen makes the final Judgement Call on whatever Information they revive. It effect all the ranks inside the guild.

Guild Meeting

  • As Dragon Belfry Member, If you don’t show up to our guild then there will be no Promotion.
  • You must join up to your third Guild Meeting. That is where you’ll be Promoted to Knight Rank.
  • If your Grouping with King & Queen for 2 months. Keeping friendly Social, You might get title as Knight Dragon. After that title you get Promoted as Knight Rank Soon.
  • You check Guild Notes by going Social, Guild, Rosters then Scroll down to your name you’ll see Note aside your PlayStation username or character Name.
  • You can always go to our website New Members & Listings Scroll down says Guild Meeting ( Will show a link )
  • If you do not want to show up guild meeting. You can E- Mail Dragons Belfry anytime before 11:30pm on that day. Sending a E-Mail will count as Participating Guild Meeting.
  • It depend what Time Zone your currently Living. If you live in Europe Side then you have extra day to Make it to the Guild Meeting.
  • If you have Work or School that day you fill the form out on Website.

Voices & Members

  1. Members inside our guild do have rights, They have a right to share there feedback inside the guild
  2. If you do not like actual member inside the guild, Report to Instructor.
  3. The Instructor will ask you to fill out a Report form on our website for more information & Details.
  4. Failing to not report the issue after it has been address to Instructor & Higher rank. Will result Suspension from our guild. You have 48 Hours to submit your report
  5. 3 Months kicked then you can Apply back inside the guild. You get Hatch Rank after you pay your returning Fee inside the guild.
  6. If you submitted the form, You must also screenshot it on the website. If you don’t then we won’t know your being being honest which result a warning inside our guild.

Leaving the Guild & Rejoin

  • Leaving the guild is your decision, Keep in mind once you leave you have 24 hours to rejoin. After 24 Hours, You have to wait 6 Months to rejoin back inside the Guild.
  • Once you Leave you can’t join back into the guild for 3 months. That totals up to 92 Days.🙂

Bad Drama

  1. First Warning Attempts
  2. Second Warning Attempts
  3. Third Warning Attempts
  4. Your kicked out of the Guild.

Thank you for reading these terms, Welcome to Dragons Belfry Guild!