Dragons Belfry Rank Sign Up!!

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Egg Rank

Egg- New Member of the Guild, After being a member of the guild for 30 days it’s automatic Hatch for you.

Hatch Rank

You pretty much keep that rank till you decide to rank up inside the guild


Your First Weekly Due would be 50 Gold for 30 Days.

Level 1 is 50 gold Weekly after 30 days
Level 2 250 Gold Weekly For 60 Days
Level 3 is 500 Gold Weekly for 120 Days

Optional Ranks
Level 4 is 1000 Gold Weekly
Level 5 is 2,500 Gold weekly
Level 6 is 5,000 Gold Weekly
Level 7 is 15,000 Gold Weekly Or BiWeekly
Level 8 is 18,000 Gold Weekly or BiWeekly

Level 9 20,000 Gold Weekly or BiWeekly

Instructor Rank

Recruit players inside the guild, Gathering a group schedule events for new players inside the game who are new in ESO. It’s 30 day Training.

Dragon Rank

Scheduling events huntings down dragons doing Vet dungeons & Trials as well. can also invite members inside the guild too. Manage applications inside the guild.

Belfry Rank

Responsible for all the ranks below, for backup.


A Selective trusted Belfry Officer manages ranks below & Able to make there own decisions only approved by King & Queen Rank.