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New Belfry Members, For Training!! 8/20/22

Everyone will be meeting at Moniku House This week Saturday, 8:45pm Central Standard time. CT) 8/20/22


On your PlayStation Controller, You gonna hit Social, Guild, Dragons Belfry, Rosters, Scroll Down to Moniku Name. Then your gonna click her name list will pop up on your left side tv screen. Your gonna scroll down to says Visit Primary Residence. Teleport to her house.

When you arrive at the Castle, your gonna see a light in the center where the boat is, Your gonna go through the tunnel then find your way to the Castle Courtyard.
Please wait there,

Your gonna join in group chat. Make sure( you have your Microphone Turn on so I can hear you. You also have to mute your mic so you can hear me clearly.

Keyboard Players-

Those who do not have a mic, I will type out everything in what you need to know so your not missing anything out from our conversation.

Can’t Make it to the Training, Click this link Send me Edward E-Email. Can’t Make it !

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Join Dragons Belfry Guild

Join Dragons Belfry!

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Edward Prince New Home!!

Edward Prince Outside House!
Fountain for the Guild Hall
Inside the House!
Throne Doorway
Thrown Hall
Royal Thrown Room!
Downstairs Light-way
Stairs to Royal Living Quarters
Royal Living Quarters
Craftings Stations Room
Royal Dungeon
Gate to Sea 🌊
Royal Sea Bridge
Under Royal Sea 🌊
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United Prince Nation Guild Event July 25th!

United Horse Race on ESO!

United Horse Race has been rescheduled to July 25th, (Eastern Time) Please Meet at Senchal Wayshrine South Elsweyr 8:15pm to 10:pm. note) Depending on our guild members participate to our event it can be 1 hour event.

Please follow us by email at or join us on band app. Please msg EdwardPrince or Awardedsnow7.

( Any further questions for events please don’t be afraid to ask us. We appreciate you showing up on our last event. I hope to see you on May 30 United Horse Race Event.

Thank you! 🙂

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Join the fun apply United Prince Nations!