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Falkreath Hold Dungeon!

Aug 9, 2020 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Western Falkreath is the western region in the hold and is located near the Eastern Reach in Skyrim. It is because of this that western Falkreath has had more contact with the denizens of the Reach and other oddities than the rest of Falkreath Hold. Most of Western Falkreath is uncharted territory beyond the main road, which itself is located on the shores of Lake Ilinalta. Deep within the forest are creatures such as Hagravens and Spriggans. The region is home to several witches covens, some that have territory from places as far as the Ilessan Hills. The Glenmoril Witches, along with the Hagfeather Coven, live in Western Falkreath, more so on the cliffs of the Jerall Mountains. According to legend, there is an ancient temple dedicated to Nocturnal called the Twilight Sepulcher located deep within in the forest.

Central FalkreathEdit
TESV Lake Ilinalta
Lake Ilinalta is the largest lake in Skyrim

Central Falkreath is the epicenter of the region, regardless of the name. The capital of Falkreath Hold is located here; the city of Falkreath is home to one of the largest gravesites in Skyrim, due to the widespread acts of war throughout the region. Falkreath was once a part of the Colovian Estates, a separate government from the Alessian Empire, which dates back to the First Era. Lake Ilinalta is perhaps the biggest lake in Skyrim and takes a vast majority of Central Falkreath, and has a wide variety of fish and other aquatic creatures.

The Forest Battle!
Today we will fight together!
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Fishing (CT)

Aug 12, 2020 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Fish Boon Feast is a special Holiday Events Quest available during the new life festival in The Elder Scrolls Online. You have to fish at the specific “New Year Fishing Hole” that appears in the bottom-right section of the Shadowfen map. You will notice there are other players around there. Use worms as bait.

Fish Boon Feast
To unlock this quest. You will need to find Breda outside Windhelm and to complete the quest ” The New Life Festival” (Dec-Jan)
This quest is part of the nine different daily quests available during the New Life Festival Holiday Event. (Argonian)

The fishing zone works with crawlers and it is at the bottom right of the Shadowfen map. The turn in is to the left side of map on the town of Hissmir

Breda, a New Life herald in Eastmarch, spoke of Hissmir’s New Life Festival in Shadowfen.

To assist the Fish Boon Feast, I should fish for Histmuck Blobfin, Shadowfen Creeping Leech, and Black Marsh Cucumber at a New Life Fishing Hole in Shadowfen. I could also trade fish with friends, or buy them from guild traders.

Xp, 332 gold
New Life Gift Box

Collect Histmuck Blobfin
Collect Shadowfen Creeping Leech
Collect Black Marsh Cucumber
Deliver all three fish to gentle heart at Hissmir
Return to Breda in Windhelm (Eastmarch)


Craglorn Final Six Delves!

July 18th 2:00pm-5:30pm ( GMT-06:00)

Molavar — An Ayleid ruin located west of Elinhir in Lower Craglorn containing undead.
ON-mapicon-GroupDelve.png Mtharnaz — A Dwemer ruin in southwestern Craglorn, near the Bangkorai Gate.
ON-mapicon-GroupDelve.png Rkhardahrk — A group delve found in northern Craglorn, northeast of the Seeker’s Archive.
ON-mapicon-GroupDelve.png Rkundzelft — A Dwemer city founded by the Rourken clan in eastern Craglorn, just south of the Lake of Teeth.
ON-mapicon-GroupDelve.png Ruins of Kardala — An ancient Yokudan tomb in western Lower Craglorn.
ON-mapicon-Delve.png Serpent’s Nest — A cave in Upper Craglorn containing Scaled Court cultists, trolls and snakes.


Valanir’s Rest

10:20pm – 11:35pm

Location West of Elden Root and east of Gil-Var-Delle.

Valanir’s Rest is a small graveyard in central Grathwood, west of Elden Root and east   Gil-Var-Delle. A lich named Valanir the restless and his sheild haunt the graves.

To completion Defeat the lich Valanir the Restless at Valanir’s Rest.

To clear this location and mark it as complete, you need to kill the
following bosses:

Valanir the Restless
Valanir’s Shield

Achievement to unlock by defeating Valanir the Restless is called Valanir’s Bane.

Location West of Elden Root and east of Gil-Var-Delle.
Valanir the restless Boss. Achievement unlock. Valanir’s Bane.

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