Armor Gear Set 0.2

Make sure you fill everything correct.
Players, Elder Scrolls Online.

Instructions: if you want Heavy, Your gonna want to want to type in Name of the set first then use ( Heavy) ( Medium) ( Light ) each box you fill in. Heavy = H, Medium = M Light = L. Make sure each box has this look (M) after typing the name of each armor. For Enchantment notes: You have to type in “Head: Maximum Stamina 800” everything is from head down to feet that is where we start from the beginning to the bottom as order. PLEASE DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING IN TRAIT BOX!!

Weapons 1: You type your first primary name weapons then you use these Symbol after. For example this is how you type it. Weapons 1, Hunding Rage ( Sword), ( Axe), (Daggers) Etc.

If you have Questions: Exit menu then upper right hand corner there is three little lines scroll down till you see Dragons Belfry Email. Send us message leave us email or PSN or ESO. Which ever your preferences are of having a person contact you.

Thank you! 🙂

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