United Prince Nation

United Prince Nation Guild Update for this week .

Hello Everyone,

We are experiencing some issues, We had several reports from our guild members. Unfortunately our Guild Master has been having some difficulties with Tapping into Guild being kicked out of the game every time.

We are stuck with our August Tabards, Since the Guild Master has the only option to change our tabard styles. ( Guild Meeting) We won’t be having any guild meeting until further Noticed. Your Welcome to join us on Discord on our blog site ( New Members Listing tap into Join discord.

You can follow up on sending us a Message on that app. ( Guild Events) We are gonna be running a World event This week Saturday on Sep,18-5:30pm (CT) CT= Central Standard Time Zone. If you have any Questions related. Please ask EdwardPrince Or The Queen: Moniiku.

Update- We are looking for more players willing to join us. invite a member to our guild to reward Prize. must invite 10 players to our guild. Have them tell us who you are as a member to our guild. you have till 5:30pm (CT) this week saturday. you win 10,000 Gold one person. second place Gets a Bow or Staff which is optional.